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The Philanthropy Impact Podcast: Women of Wealth

During this session, our member Cristina Ljungberg, Co-Chair of Maverick Collective is joined by Natasha Müller, a next-gen impact investor, philanthropist, mental health activist, and former Board member of Philanthropy Impact for a virtual conversation on the role of Women of Wealth in philanthropy and social investment and how they are reshaping the sector, as well as how advisors can meet their needs.Read the story

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Rena sat down with Yolanda F. Johnson, President and Founder of YFJ consulting, to talk about Maverick Collective's ethos of impactful giving through innovation and trust-based philanthropy to champion gender equity and women’s health.

Women in the collective undergo "transformational journeys ... where they become ... more informed, more strategic, more impactful in the way they think about the resources they have and the ways to use them to advance the issues they care about."

Meet the Philanthropist: Interview with Rena Greifinger


by Fadekemi Akinfaderin, Natalie Fellows, and Metsehate Ayenekulu

It’s time for local partners to lead

When we shift power and co-create, co-implement, and co-evaluate programming alongside local partners, we can advance people-powered health solutions and get us all closer to Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Locally-led models for feminist funding can get us there. Maverick Collective by PSI and Fòs Feminista are collaborating on a new feminist fund – Maverick Portfolio.

Why Feminist Philanthropy Is (A Type Of) Locally-Led Philanthropy


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