Maverick Collective Celebrates 2022

At Maverick Collective by PSI we strive for Triple Impact: impact on the lives of women and girls, our members, and philanthropy. This approach is how we contribute to the long-term shifts necessary for building a more gender-equitable world. In 2022, we achieved this vision through our dedicated members and the incredible PSI projects they fund.

As we reflect on the past year and take a moment to celebrate a decade of impact, we are evaluating impact based on more than just numbers in a report.  Impact is the community champions who go the extra mile to help their neighbors and will continue activating even after the project’s financial investment ends. Impact is a change in perspective that comes from experiencing a new type of funding and a new way of working with donors. Impact is the inner learning that shifts our members’ giving practices and turns them into activist philanthropists. Impact is all the unquantifiable ways that the work of Maverick Collective, PSI, our members, our partners, and all those touched by these efforts come together to elevate women and girls everywhere.

In 2022, we achieved our vision for Triple Impact through our dedicated members and the incredible PSI projects they fund.

With 10 active projects across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, we saw the work of the PSI project teams in delivering real health impact for women and girls, and the power of communities in strengthening and amplifying this impact.

We’re delivering impact in:

• Côte D’Ivoire      • Laos

• El Salvador         • Malawi

• Eswatini              • Nicaragua

• Ethiopia              • South Africa

• Guatemala          • Uganda

• India                    • Vietnam

• Kenya

Our 48 members engaged deeply with projects they fund and joined the Maverick Collective community on a transformational journey to become more authentic, accountable, and activated philanthropists. In our “It Starts with a Dream” ISSUE— our first Maverick Next cohort discusses their investment into PSI Ethiopia’s Smart Start program to help young married couples delay pregnancy and establish financial independence.

We witnessed the power of Maverick Collective members funding in flexible, risk-forward, trust-based ways to create greater impact within the public health and philanthropic sectors. Four members, leading their families’ giving, shared how they’re doing this:


In 2022, we also marked the successes of three projects that ended in Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

In Vietnam, 1,000 adolescents participated in a full-day sexual and reproductive health celebration hosted by youth groups in Hanoi. The youth groups will go on to work closely with PSI Vietnam’s new social enterprise, selling products to make a sustainable income to support more youth-friendly sexual reproductive health and rights events in the future.

My friends and family now have another trustworthy, easygoing person to discuss SRH with, which is me! Nguyen Thi Mai Ngoc
Youth Facilitator, Vietnam

In Ethiopia, 2,000 husbands engaged in sexual reproductive health & economic empowerment activities and 83% of girls adopted contraception when their husbands were engaged in the pilot program. Project lessons and prototypes are being integrated into two larger projects focused on health system strengthening and primary healthcare funded by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Global Affairs Canada.

Since my husband is with me and at my side, I didn’t face difficulty to make a decision on the type of method. If he wouldn’t have been with me, the burden of explaining the issue would have remained on me. Mekdes Findaka
Family planning counseling consumer, Ethiopia

In Kenya, 3,000 girls received contraceptive counseling through aspirational planning by youth champions in Kilifi County. Health officials in Kilifi County have committed to scale up the model in additional sub-counties and the resources needed to drive this initiative forward will be budgeted in the county’s Annual Work Plan.

Binti Biashara is good because it changes someone from where they were and takes them somewhere else. The place I was I don't want to go back to because I couldn't save, but right now I can. Binti Biashara participant (not pictured)
Kilifi County, Kenya

In 2023, we are celebrating a decade of triple impact by spotlighting the members and unsung community heroes at the heart of our work, while continuing to deliver for women and girls and sharing our vision for the future of philanthropy. Join us on our journey!

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