ISSUE is an immersive virtual learning experience that brings stories and lessons from around the world into your home to expand your views and challenge the status quo. Each ISSUE explores a cross-cutting theme through a range of learning styles, highlighting voices from experts in global health, Maverick Collective members, philanthropic thought-leaders, and most importantly–the communities we serve.

A is for Advocacy: Using all the Tools in the Toolbox

Join guest editors Kathy Vizas and Julia Lourie to discover how advocacy was key to their projects’ sustainable progress in the fight against a chronically underfunded global killer: cervical cancer. 


Let’s Talk About It: Engaging Communities in Taboo Topics

Journey with guest editors Lindsay Abrams and Cristina Ljungberg and learn how we are working with Sara to destigmatize taboos about her health and body using social behavior change. 

Got Digital?: Redefining How We Deliver Healthcare

Join our guest editors, English Sall and an anonymous Maverick Member, and explore how their investments in critical infrastructure allow PSI to bring quality digital healthcare to Sara so that she might lead a fuller life. 

Expanding Access and Choice: Bringing Care Closer to Home

Join guest editors Ann Morris and Stasia Obremskey and learn how Community Health Workers are expanding Sara’s access to family planning and strengthening health systems in Kenya and Mozambique. 

Meet Them Where They Are: New Ways to Reach Youth Now

Journey with guest editors Caitlin Heising and Jess Jacobs to learn how we are collaborating with youth as we design for them. 

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