Maverick Collective members take an experiential journey

At the core of our mission is our experiential philanthropy approach, which blends hands-on learning with real-dollar grant making and leads to more informed and impactful investors in social change. 

Smart Start consumers pose with PSI Ethiopia staff during a Maverick Next project visit. Adama, Ethiopia, 2019
Maverick Collective Member Kathy Vizas learns about cervical cancer interventions and treatments. Uttar Pradesh, India, 2016
Maverick Next Members pose with Melinda Gates during the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Goalkeepers Awards. New York, USA, 2019
Maverick Next Members with PSI Ethiopia teammates. Adama, Ethiopia, 2019

The Programs

Our programs offer unique experiences for women who come from an array of backgrounds, life stages, and philanthropic experience. Each program is designed to lift members up, wherever they are in their philanthropy journey.


Maverick Venture brings a venture capital lens to philanthropy. Members select a project that tests new approaches to delivering healthcare for women and girls, engaging deeply with the project team.

Explore Venture

  • $1.1M+ invested in a project
  • 3-year project timeline
I joined Maverick Collective because I grew tired of waiting for the world to change and wanted to be part of this powerful women's network. Sonja Perkins
Maverick Collective Member


Maverick Next is an immersive program for women at the start of their philanthropy journey. Members co-invest in a project and participate in a learning journey together, all while building leadership and philanthropy skills along the way.

Explore Next

  • $275K co-invested in a project
  • 2-year project timeline
I’ve learned so much about advocacy, global health, and the philanthropic sector and I’m just scratching the surface. Alexandra Idol
Maverick Collective Co-Chair


Maverick Portfolio is a pooled fund to tackle systemic barriers to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Through flexible funding and local decision-making, members are flipping the philanthropy hierarchy.

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  • $50K - 1M+
    pooled across multiple
    initiatives in 3 countries
    (Cote d'Ivoire, Malawi, Uganda)
  • 1-3 year member journey
    (based on giving level)
By harnessing the power of collective giving while empowering those closest to the work to drive decisions, the Portfolio transforms how we give as much as it inspires where and why we give. Dr. Rebecca Kinney
Maverick Collective Member

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