Maverick Venture brings the flexibility and innovation of venture capital to philanthropy. Members make bold, high-risk investments in a project of their choosing. Over three years, members work alongside in-country experts and those we serve to drive innovation in global health for women and girls.

One of my memorable experiences being in [Mozambique] was accompanying a community health worker on a health visit… just to be invited into [a local woman's] home and allowed to listen in on a very private conversation was a real privilege and opportunity. Stasia Obremskey
Maverick Venture Member


Maverick Venture members are breaking ground in global health, powering projects that test exciting approaches to delivering transformative healthcare for women and girls.

Maverick Venture members engage meaningfully with PSI in-country teams through project visits and participation in key project moments, like design workshops and attending meetings with local stakeholders.

Project Spotlight

I was able to [get] a [contraceptive implant], and for the first time in so long, felt confident with the decision I made... I now volunteer as a youth promoter for [Red Segura health Clinics]. Stefany, Consumer and Youth Promoter
Expanding Contraceptive Access and Choice for Teen Mothers in Nicaragua


Maverick Venture projects tackle a variety of health areas, from reproductive health to clean sanitation, through cutting-edge approaches like digital technology and social business. Projects are matched to members’ passions and interests, with each member becoming embedded in the initiative they select.

Powered by PSI, and its mission to make it easier for all people to lead healthier lives and plan their families, Maverick Venture projects have succeeded in achieving:

1.3M+ WOMEN AND GIRLSprovided with healthcare services, including modern contraception, cervical cancer screening, ante-natal care visits, and HIV testing and treatment.

960,000 PEOPLE COUNSELED and referred for additional services for issues like mental health, modern contraception, HIV, and gender-based violence.

3M+ INDIVIDUALS REACHED ONLINEwith education and information on sexual and reproductive health, relationships, mental health, and gender-based violence.


Maverick Venture Member, Rebecca Kinney, travelled to Eswatini to experience the project she is funding - A Girl Powered Approach to Integrating HIV in Sexual Reproductive Health.

Rebecca met with Ministry of Health officials, joined design workshops alongside adolescent girls and young women, and spent time listening and learning with our PSI Eswatini colleagues.

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