2023 Summer Reading List

We are happy to present the Maverick Collective Summer Reading List – 2023 edition! This year, we are exploring the theme of art – in its many forms – as a catalyst for positive social change.

Each summer, we use the reading list as an opportunity to keep our community energized and connected, provoke our thinking, and introduce new voices that can help shape and influence our work.

This year’s summer reading list features a collection of women artists and authors that inspire us, stimulate our imagination, challenge societal and cultural norms, spur us to reflect on and interrogate our assumptions, and motivate us to act. We chose books for adults and children and offer pairings with other forms of creative expression. Pick and choose how you want to enjoy each pairing, follow your curiosity, and enjoy what inspires you!

As you read along with us, consider these questions: What inspires your creativity? How have you drawn that inspiration forward in other aspects of your life? How can we as a community creatively inspire others and move them to action in support of gender equity?

Check out the full summer reading list here.

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