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Building New Business Models to Improve Healthcare in East Africa

2017 - 2021 | Ethiopia | Kenya | Tanzania, United Republic | Uganda

Mrs. Marcelina Cyprian (right) takes orders at retailer Bashir Hassan's shop. Manzese, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, May 2010. Photo by Jake Lyell
The whims of donors and grant availability should not dictate the health outcomes of those overseas…I learned alongside PSI how to create a social enterprise that meets the sexual and reproductive health needs of women and girls at little cost to the customer while sustaining the business. Hilary Hamm
Maverick Collective Member

In East Africa, the sexual and reproductive health market is mired by a lack of information, choice, and availability. Through this project, PSI set out to create a consumer-driven market, focused on the needs of women and girls in accessing sexual health products and services. This led to the creation of  a trusted lifecycle brand, called Viya,  that provides support throughout a woman’s life and varying health needs.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful idea for making women feel safe. As a lady, I appreciate this and would love to know more about your product. Consumer feedback from our prototype testing in Kenya
Viya is PSI’s vision for a comprehensive digital platform with information, products, services, and support for women through every life stage. It will be a go-to platform for decision-making support with advice and connection to a like-minded community, plus linkages to physical healthcare providers. Viya puts the consumer’s experience, pleasure, and preference first.

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