Reaching Out: Mandy Moore On Her Visit To India As Global Goodwill Ambassador For PSI


In the animated movie “Tangled”, Mandy Moore lent her voice to a lonely young girl, trapped in a tower with no knowledge of the world that she was being kept away from. Off screen, Moore has been lending her voice to women too, working towards ending the very real issues that still plague the world. A Global Goodwill Ambassador for Population Services International (PSI), Moore was recently in India on a tour which took her to Bihar and Lucknow, where PSI’s sanitation and family planning programmes are active. PSI’s Donor-Partner and the ideator behind Indrani’s Light Foundation, Indrani Goradia, was also in the country for Project Wajood, a programme that works towards ending gender based violence in India.

While Mandy and Indrani met only this year in Trinidad, Goradia has nothing but praise for her younger colleague. “We got on like a house on fire. Mandy is one of those people, that if you give her a job, she puts in 150 percent. I’m so grateful to be working with someone who is so young and so plugged into the cause.”



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