Philanthropy That Delivers For Women


There are some global challenges that we do not yet know how to solve. Improving the health of girls and women worldwide is not one of them.

On the contrary, we already have the necessary tools in our possession. Reliable health data allows us to pinpoint and develop solutions for the greatest threats to their health. We have modern diagnostic technologies capable of identifying disease. We have vaccines and health products that offer safe and effective disease prevention barriers. We also have medicines to treat the majority of the leading causes of death among girls and women.

But these advances are worth little unless we are able to deliver them to women living in the furthest regions of the developing world that need them most. When people ask me what is needed, I explain that we need to find new ways to deliver and create demand for health solutions that already exist so they reach the developing world. When someone asks me how they can help, I let them know that donations and private investments are often the only sources of funding that allow us to test and develop promising health solutions that governments and businesses can’t afford to advance on their own.


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