Jam Session Interview On Eradicating Gender Violence


Indrani Goradia has a grand vision for the world. It’s simple: eradicate gender violence globally.

Founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation (ILF), a non-profit family foundation that helps women and families take steps to live empowered lives, Indrani believes the tools to eradicate gender violence are already available. Her job is simply to disseminate them thoroughly and responsibly.

As a speaker, she’s addressed the United Nations and TEDx. She’s involved in global discussions with prominent and influential leaders, and has joined forces with the UN on their “Orange the World” campaign.

She also puts her money where her mouth is. She’s worked with women individually and in group settings from India to Houston. She’s developed a program for social workers and those providing resources to victims of violence, providing them the support and care they need to carry on their work.



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