Building New Business Models to Improve
Healthcare in East Africa

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Hilary Hamm

Hilary Hamm believes that long-lasting social impact requires collaboration. She is currently a Partnership Development Associate at Concordia, a nonprofit that identifies partnerships to address our most pressing global challenges. As a Board Member of the Arnall Family Foundation, Hilary is helping transform the criminal justice system in Oklahoma and beyond. She received her BA from Dartmouth College in Geography, International Studies, and French and is pursuing a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University.

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The Issue

Access to healthcare and affordable health products is a fundamental human right. Yet many people in developing countries, especially women and girls, face staggering challenges to accessing quality, affordable products – often due to unaffordable prices and limited distribution.

Despite substantial reductions in the burden of disease due to childhood illness, malaria, and HIV, serious barriers remain that prevent women and their families from accessing critical health products and services in East Africa. With declining donor subsidy, overburdened public health systems are ill equipped to meet demand, and the private sector offers inconsistent access to quality information, services, and treatment.

Pilot And Learn

This project aims to create a social enterprise in East Africa to sustainably meet the health needs of under-served women, children, and families.

The enterprise will have health impact as its goal but will be underpinned by the belief that delivery through a commercial business model will best achieve financial sustainability, reducing the need for donor subsidy in East Africa over time. This approach includes using commercial business processes, appropriate marketing and pricing strategies, as well as leveraging significant procurement and operational efficiencies to provide affordable pricing while moving towards financial sustainability.

Leverage And Scale

Our goal is to sustainably improve demand for and access to life-saving health products in East Africa.

This project will inform how PSI re-imagines healthcare for women and girls worldwide. We will learn how to delight women and girls with new product offerings and significantly increase the use of life-saving products and services using sustainable business approaches.