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Transforming Community Health Systems to Improve Health Outcomes in Zimbabwe

2017 - 2021 | Zimbabwe

Health Extension Workers doing outreach to rural communities during COVID-19, Zimbabwe, 2021
This project in so many ways is where and how I was able to grow up as a philanthropist in the space of global development... I got to sit in the team structure in such a way that I’ve never gotten to really do in other contexts– and put a researcher’s hat on, put a problem solving hat on, and it was just such an amazing learning environment. English Sall
Maverick Collective Member
PSI Board Member

In Zimbabwe, where there is a high burden of HIV, the healthcare system can be overwhelmed by providing ongoing treatment. So PSI enlisted the help of community health workers to identify HIV positive individuals, provide treatment, and ensure their long term care, closer to home.  Piloted in seven clinics, PSI trained and equipped community health workers to deliver care with an app to track patients and ensure continued treatment.

I want a t-shirt that tells people I am a peer educator that I can wear when I am out on the weekends. Phiona, a peer educator for the project

100%of the 2,791 clients enrolled in the program were able to stay on their recommended HIV treatment course- taking their medicine on time and without any missed doses.

Health Extension Worker doing outreach to rural communities during COVID-19. Zimbabwe, 2021

Spotlight: A Legacy of Trust

The program left a legacy of trust between the community and providers. It also resulted in positive treatment outcomes such as reduction in defaulter rates and improved retention in care.

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