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Global Menstrual Health Advocacy Project

2019 - 2020 | Global | Nepal

PSI representatives at the Women Deliver Conference. Vancouver, Canada, 2019.
I think it’s amazing that a Maverick project can be part of putting menstrual health on the agenda, and not only that, that this kind of innovative, somewhat risky project … has been able to support PSI to be able to establish itself so firmly as being a leader in the menstrual health space. Cristina Ljungberg
Founding Maverick Collective Member
Maverick Collective Co-chair

Roughly 500 million people face limitations when it comes to managing their menstruation.  From poverty reduction and stronger economies to healthier populations and better educational outcomes, the benefits of investing in menstrual health are far-reaching. Through the project, PSI brought menstrual health into the global health agenda to effectively address menstrual health needs through cross-sectoral programming, research, and advocacy.

We appreciate this work. We did not know many organizations working on menstrual health and hygiene. Under Secretary (not pictured), Ministry of Education, Nepal at the Third National Summit of Health and Population Scientists in Nepal (10-12 April 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Making the Case for Menstruation

PSI developed the first landscaping report on the importance of menstrual health and approaches to address it. This brief became the foundation for guidelines published by UNFPA on menstrual health integration in sexual and reproductive health programs.

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