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Early Detection and Treatment of Cervical Cancer in India

2013 - 2017 | India

A health worker educates a woman on the benefits of early prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. Uttar Pradesh, India, 2014
Being able to work with … a whole team of people at PSI, I became very, very aware of the big problem of cervical cancer globally and how it affects women. It made me want to address the problem of lack of resources globally in this area of women’s health and so I have continued to work in that area. Kathy Vizas
Founding Maverick Collective Member

Most preventable cervical cancer deaths occur in low- and middle- income countries where diagnostic tests are difficult to conduct. In Uttar Pradesh, India PSI piloted a low-cost method to screen for cervical cancer paired with immediate treatment to help save women’s lives. This method proved extremely successful, with the Government requesting technical assistance from PSI.  Working with healthcare providers, PSI provided training in the method plus regular health screenings, like blood pressure. This holistic  approach was named, “Sampoorna Clinics” meaning “comprehensive clinics” in Hindi.

While there’s still a long way to go, we don’t want to undermine the budding contribution of this immensely promising project…With these promising results and commitment from the government, the scenario is only going to get better for India. Mr. Alok Kumar (not pictured)
Senior Officer from the Indian Administrative Services and Uttar Pradesh’s Mission Director
A Sampoora Clinic health worker conducts outreach in Uttar Pradesh, India, 2014

Spotlight: Scaling Progress

The Sampoora Clinics were adopted and expanded by the Government of Uttar Pradesh throughout 28 districts, and are now fully sustained within the public sector.

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