Cristina Ljungberg

Co-Chair of Maverick Collective

Philanthropy is evolving beyond the chequebook, and philanthropists now want to be much more connected to the work they fund. They want to invest in innovative solutions with a high impact and are willing to take the risks governments can’t.

Cristina Ljungberg is Co-chair and founding member of Maverick Collective.

She is Co-founder of The Case for Her, a philanthropic investment portfolio addressing the key women’s health issues of menstruation and women’s sexual health & pleasure. She is an active board member for the global non-profit, Acumen, focused on poverty alleviation through impact investing and leadership development.

In addition to her work with women’s health, Cristina is also a Partner at Influence Film—a foundation, investment firm, and online platform that supports documentary film production. In 2021, she co-founded the investment company, Longrun Capital investing in climate with a gender lens.

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