Maverick Portfolio is a philanthropic fund for PSI and grassroots organizations to collaborate in tackling systemic barriers to women and girls accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare. Through flexible funding and local decision-making, members are flipping the philanthropy hierarchy to achieve better results for women and girls.

Using a co-investment model, members share risk, amplify success, and learn together, supporting a portfolio of initiatives in Uganda, Malawi, and Cote d’Ivoire. Initiatives will focus on transforming the role of men and boys into champions for women’s and girls’ health and rights. Delivered in partnership, Maverick Portfolio provides uniquely flexible, long-term capital for achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

To shift power, Maverick Portfolio enables PSI in-country teams and local partners to determine how and where funding is best spent. This community-led approach ensures solutions are driven by those closest to the impact. Flexible funding, an ability to pivot, and light reporting all make Portfolio initiatives uniquely iterative and nimble for maximum impact.

Maverick Portfolio allows donors to shift their philanthropy and:

-Join a vibrant and like-minded community of members

-Partner with implementers through unparalleled transparency

-Give to both international organizations and community-based partners

-Diversify risk through a portfolio of varied initiatives advancing sexual and reproductive rights.