Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maverick Collective?

Maverick Collective is a philanthropic and advocacy initiative to end extreme poverty in our lifetime by investing in girls and women. Our mission is to build a community of strategic philanthropists and informed advocates who use their intellectual and financial resources to create change.

What is PSI?

PSI brings an extensive network across 65 countries, technical expertise across a variety of health areas, and a 43-year history. Because nearly all of PSI’s 9,000 employees are local country nationals, health solutions are culturally sensitive, apress specific needs on the ground, and are developed with local partners to ensure sustainable, long-term impact. PSI’s existing partners include the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and a number of Fortune 500 corporations.

How is Maverick Collective related to PSI?

Maverick Collective is an initiative of Population Services International (PSI), a leading global health organization that makes it easier for people in the developing world to lead healthier lives and plan the families they desire by marketing affordable products and services. PSI’s programmatic and country experts design and implement Maverick Collective’s pilot projects.

Why focus on girls and women?

The fastest way to end extreme poverty is by investing in the most promising and innovative solutions for girls and women. When girls and women are healthy, safe, and educated, they help transform societies and lift their communities and entire nations out of poverty.

What makes Maverick Collective unique?

We are redefining what it means to be a philanthropist. We know that solving big problems requires more than money: it demands leaders who are willing to listen with empathy, learn fast, and lend their talents and voice to generate impact. With PSI as our implementer and our expert country teams leading the way, we’re able to pilot innovations that can have immediate health impact directly in the field.

What is your model for impact?

We believe that catalytic seed investments in pilots of innovative health solutions are needed to test new approaches, provide evidence of their effectiveness, and unlock additional funding to bring them to scale. We need investors who are excited about early stage research, rapid prototyping and are willing to fail fast – but iterate even faster.

What are the traits of a Maverick Member?

We are looking for the next generation of philanthropists who will partner with us to create the future for girls and women and end extreme poverty in our lifetime. Mavericks may be artists, mothers, CEO’s, recent college grads – but share a passion for changing lives around the world. Our Members yearn for more engagement in their philanthropy, are tired of just writing a check, being a board chair, or planning a gala. They crave hands-on real-life experiences, want to get their hands dirty and work as part of a team on a big messy problem.

Each Member has joined at a different stage in their philanthropy, for some, this may be their first major gift. We seek Members that have a hunger to learn about strategic philanthropy, the SDG’s and international development, want to find their voice and learn how to use it to inspire others to action. Most importantly, they want to learn and grow together with a group of engaged, inspired women changemakers, leaning on each other for advice, support and friendship.

Why is the minimum funding commitment $1.2 million?

The start-up capital necessary to launch a catalytic pilot project is a minimum $1.2 million over three years, or roughly $366K annually. In PSI’s experience, this is the minimum amount of funding required to effectively implement innovative programs that have impact on the target population or lead to significant discoveries and research insights. Your investment includes coverage for PSI’s local in-country technical and program management staff, targeted support from PSI’s subject matter experts based in headquarters, the cost of travel, training and project activities, sharing lessons learned and goods and commodities.

Given the unique nature of each project, the exact funding required will vary depending on the proposed project’s scope and timeframe, as well as the size of the target country and population. Current Members’ projects range from $1.2 to $1.8M.

How are Maverick Collective projects selected?

The Maverick team works closely with the prospective Member through a series of conversations to ensure they understand the strategy of PSI and our key focus areas. Technical experts, country representatives, or leadership may be brought in to help educate and share about topics of interest. Together, we’ll narrow down to one or two health areas that align with the potential Member’s passions and skills.

Potential Members are invited to a day-long working session in D.C. to meet the Maverick Collective team, PSI leadership and health experts to further explore the selected project topic, the issue and the solution. Once a project is selected, PSI and country teams will spend eight weeks designing the project, developing an implementation plan and the budget for the three-year pilot. After reviewing the pilot project plan (proposal), new Members sign an agreement with PSI to solidify the partnership. The project officially kicks-off once the first payment is received.

How are Maverick Collective pilot projects developed?

All projects are closely aligned to PSI’s strategic plan to ensure efficient use of funds and to strengthen the case for sustainability and leverage funding. Investment opportunities might be enterprise focused, bolstering PSI’s core capacity and headquarters support, or concentrated in a region or specific country. All projects align with our five priority funding areas: Sexual Reproductive Health/Family Planning, Sanitation, Primary Care, Social Enterprise and Technology.

Member’s skills and interests are matched to our priority areas and PSI strategy – ensuring passion and a deep commitment to the project. Key factors considered in the proposal development phase include acute needs of women and girls; favorable policy environment; potential for leverage and scale; and opportunities for sustainability. PSI’s experts engage and solicit input from Maverick Collective Members throughout the design phase of their chosen project.

How do you leverage Member skills and talents?

A key part of Maverick Collective’s model is giving Members the opportunity to be involved with their project and, where desired, lend their skills, expertise, voice, and influence. We work closely with Members in the early stages of the partnership to understand how best to leverage their unique talents and time commitment to create the greatest possible impact for girls and women – whether in generating ideas to enhance the project, serving as a champion and advocate for an issue, or activating their network to inspire others to invest.

What does Maverick Collective offer its Members?

We provide Members with a unique experience tailored to their interests, skills, and desired time commitment. Members work with their dedicated Relationship Manager to develop an annual learning and communications plan and engage with their project through field visits and regular interaction with their country team.

How does Maverick Collective build informed advocates?

Members become informed champions for girls and women through technical learning opportunities, workshops, conferences, speaking engagements, working groups, and an annual retreat with other Members. We also provide annual media and messaging training and opportunities to author opinion pieces and other publications that raise awareness of Maverick Collective’s approach to philanthropy, the Member’s chosen health area, and other key issues facing girls and women in the developing world.