Maverick Collective Members and Team at the 10th Anniversary Celebration, Casa Cruz New York, September 2023. From left to right by row: Audrey Duckett, Priyanka Harania, Natalie Fellows, Darley Tom, Kim Agnew, Cristina Ljungberg, Callie Elmore, Alexandra Idol, Shelly Trivedi, Lindsay Smith, Bridget Hanagan, Marisa Bass, Rena Greifinger, Mauren Wright, Olivia Chowdry, Elizabeth Reiner, Payal Patel, Legna Perez-Cordon

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The Maverick Collective Gathered Changemaking Women for Cocktails and Conversation at Casa Cruz

by Zachary Weiss in Vogue

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Inside Maverick Collective’s 10-Year Anniversary Party

By Juliana Ukiomogbe in ELLE

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To be a Maverick is to be a bold, curious, and spirited person who is using her full range of capital – financial, intellectual, and social – to support the changes the world needs to thrive. Maverick Collective brings together Mavericks in philanthropy and Mavericks on the frontlines – that is, the people doing the difficult, uncomfortable, and often high-risk work in their communities, to drive innovation and spark social change – to form a powerful community that is greater than the sum of our parts.

At our 10th Anniversary Celebration, we marked a decade of impact and honored women leaders and activists on the frontlines of accelerating health and gender equity. We asked artists to create portraits of our honorees that reflect their work and their visions for the future. Each artist was selected because of their deep and personal connection to the work of their respective honorees.

A special thanks to the Center for Cultural Power for connecting us to the incredible artists whose work we featured. The Center for Cultural Power is a women of color, artist-led organization, that activates and mobilizes BIPOC artists to envision a world in which cultural, economic, and political power are distributed equitably, and where all human beings can live in harmony with nature.

Portrait of Michele Goodwin by Nimah Gobir

"Celebrating these remarkable individuals through art has been a privilege. Their unwavering dedication to making a positive impact aligns with my own passion for using creativity to amplify important causes. Together, we strive to inspire change and promote a brighter, more inclusive future".
Nimah Gobir

Portrait of Shruthi Kumar by Nimah Gobir

Nimah Gobir is an artist and educator based in Oakland, California.
Through paintings and installations, her work primarily explores the nuances and shared experiences of being Black. She draws on photo references collected from both family and personal archives.

Portrait of Hali Lee by Mar Erazo

"I want to live in a world that respects and supports everyone’s autonomy and wholeness, and I see art as a tool to help me imagine how a world like that would look. Creating these pieces for Hali and Favianna was my way of visualizing the better world they are trying to build, where everyone's choices are valued, prioritized, and respected."
Mar Erazo

Portrait of Favianna Rodriguez by Mar Erazo

Mar is a parent, queer illustrator, full-spectrum doula, founder of Emulsify Design, and co-creator of What's an Abortion, Anyway?. Under the name Emulsify, they create art that helps them heal, learn, advocate, and imagine new worlds.

Portrait of Pat Mitchell by Amrisa Niranjan

"Art is a way for me to transmit feeling and emotion for impact. As you look at these pieces, I hope you feel inspired to take bold action. Pat and Hafsat remind us that the urgency of climate change is real, and that one voice can ripple into a chorus calling for the beginning of a brighter future for us all."
Amrisa Niranjan

Portrait of Hafsat Abiola by Amrisa Nirajan

Amrisa Niranjan is a Guyanese-born artist and muralist whose work is centered around creating art to elevate the human experience by highlighting the beauty and diversity in one another, in a world that is currently fraught with constant negative narratives and images of pain in today’s social climate.


Our Honorees


Award-winning Author, Activist, Professor, Social Commentator

Michele is a global thought leader in matters of law, society, and global health. She hosts the popular podcast, On the Issues with Michele Goodwin, at Ms. magazine.

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Hali Lee

Founding Partner, Radiant Strategies
Co-founder, Donors of Color Network
Founder, Asian Women Giving Circle

Hali has spent her career doing her best to democratize and diversify the field and practice of philanthropy. Already a published author, she is writing a book, THE BIG WE.

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Pat Mitchell

Connector, Convener, Curator
Co-founder, TEDWomen and Connected Women Leaders

Throughout her career as a journalist, Emmy-winning producer and pioneering executive, Pat broke new ground for women, elevating women’s stories and ideas.

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Shruthi Kumar

Student, Founder of GoYogi, Social Entrepreneur

Shruthi is a Harvard student and founder of an INGO taking a proactive and preventative approach to student mental health. She also actively seeks justice in menstrual equity.

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Favianna Rodriguez

Artist & President, The Center for Cultural Power

Favianna Rodriguez is an award-winning artist, cultural strategist and advisor to artists of all genres. She is uniting art, culture and social impact.

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Hafsat Abiola-Costello

Co-founder, Connected Women Leaders and Project Dandelion

Hafsat Abiola is the co-founder of Project Dandelion, the first global, women-led campaign for climate justice.

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About Maverick Collective by PSI

Founded in 2013 by Population Services International (PSI) in partnership with Melinda French Gates and HRH the Crown Princess of Norway, Maverick Collective by PSI is a community of women philanthropists making catalytic investments in health and reproductive rights to advance gender equality.

Through a unique Experiential Philanthropy model which blends hands-on learning, grant-making, and community, Maverick Collective members collaborate with local experts, drive innovation, and push boundaries in philanthropy. Over the past decade, Maverick Collective has mobilized over $100 million in resources, reached close to 7 million people, and has brought together 50 women philanthropists from countries across the globe to ignite transformative change.

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