Delivering quality, affordable healthcare products by developing a sustainable and replicable consumer driven Social Enterprise model

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Shaline Gnanalingam

Shaline has spent 15 years in the finance industry, working in banking and private equity in Asia. She now runs her family office out of Hong Kong and is spearheading the transition from a traditional asset allocation model to impact investing to better align with family values while creating triple bottom line performance. Current impact projects are environmentally focused, in an effort to create a cleaner future for generations to come.  Shaline is passionate about bringing corporate best practices by tying together her experience in finance and investing to streamline the social enterprise model at PSI.

Shaline serves on the board of Westports Malaysia, the largest port operator in Malaysia. She has an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Born and bred in Malaysia, Shaline now lives in Hong Kong with her husband, three sons and two dogs.

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The Issue

The traditional donor-funded healthcare delivery model is outmoded. And consumers needs are not being met.  

The traditional donor-funded NGO model which provides low end “necessity” healthcare products no longer meet the needs of the consumer which have evolved to demanding choice and access to better quality. Additionally, NGOs need to adapt to declining donor funding by becoming self-sustaining and consumer driven.

Pilot And Learn

This project aims to rethink the healthcare delivery model by bringing corporate best practices to grow a self-sustainable social enterprise

By reimagining and improving business processes such as procurement, marketing, distribution and consumer driven product development within the existing social enterprises in PSI, we hope to create a financially sustainable business model that provides the products demanded in an efficient and affordable manner. We will use cost recoverable products to cross subsidize life-saving products to enlarge the market offering.

Leverage And Scale

Create a replicable and sustainable business model that gives us a bold new opportunity to improve the health of girls and women.

This project will share best practices in order to replicate social enterprises globally therefore creating a healthy ecosystem that provide women and girls access to a wide selection of healthcare products they demand.